Materials for energy and electronic


Deeply aware of the impact of energy on people and the environment and with a vast experience in research acquired at the service of big industrial groups, Béatrice Sala resolved to build éMa SAS with a motivated young team. Indeed, this accumulated experience did not diminish her enthusiasm for research, creativity and her capacity to create, as she was driven by the following mottos:

« Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.» A. Lavoisier 

«A wide valorisation of human resources could release forces of invention and creativity which overtake imagination. » S. Pisar

With regard to the environment, éMa (electrons & Materials) proposes to meet your material research requirements in the fields of:

- energy(solar energy, electrolysis, micro-sources, fuel cells, storage…)

- electronics (captors, microelectronic…)

- development and commercialization of relevant processes, products and equipment and delivery of expert and scientific consultancy services on materials (ceramics, alloys and their behavioural patterns under low to high temperatures).