Materials for energy and electronic

Innovation and dynamism

In the area of materials and at the leading edge of several disciplines, éMa strives to be an innovative role player in the transfer of scientific knowledge to the industrial world, thanks to its seamless access to dedicated installations and privileged relationships with local scientific and technical think tanks, and to a national and international network of industrial and academic role players.

The transfer of knowledge acquired in the metallurgy and ceramic sectors provides the possibility to solve various electronic and energy related issues. Despite its brief existence, éMa has already proposed several patents.

Against the background of a large scientific environment particularly the IES (Institut d’Electronique et des Systèmes ), this young company excels at:

-The performance of pertinent studies and the prompt development of the most appropriate and viable solutions, either in the context of research or as an industrial application.

-The swift and accurate identification of possible issues that may be raised during the assessment phase.